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What causes tooth loss?
1 Poor oral hygiene: if you do not brush & use floss daily, tooth decay & gum disease will occur that lead to tooth loss in the future.
3 Poor habits: tooth grinding (bruxism) impacts on tooth root a quite strong force, occurs frequently & wear down crowns or also fracture their teeth. Smoking will aggravate gum disease to lead to tooth loss.
5 Fear the dentist: some people scare to go to the dentists or never consult, even they have a tooth ache & decay. If you don’t examine the oral periodically to prevent periodontal disease & not guided oral care correctly can worsen the condition over time and eventually lead to tooth loss.
2 Poor nutrition foods: that have a large quantity of sugar, carbohydrates and acids will affect seriously to teeth & gums that cause cavities.
4 Contact sport: teenagers or young adults usually play sports as football, hockey, basketball, martial arts and so on. Wearing a mouth guard is important to prevent trauma that will fracture of injure a tooth.
6 Finance: many people think that dental treatments are quite expensive. Sometimes it trues, other times are dental treatment that are cheaper costs. However, should remember that prevention cost is always less lower than treatment cost.
Consequences of tooth loss
Speed problems and nutrition problem.
Avoiding certain foods because of chewing problems.
Avoiding going out in public because of social embarrassment.
Stiff jaws & problems with relaxation.
Weakening of other teeth because there are less teeth to use when you eat.
Movement and inclination of other teeth and their possible loss.
Anxiety as well as seft-consciousness.
Method to restore lost teeth
Dental implant: is the revolution for innovation in the dental industry, is considered to be the most optimal and most comfortable tooth replacement solution for edentulous people. An implant post will place into the jawbone, called artificial root and on which porcelain crown is placed to replace for the natural crown with similar color and shape. The implant tooth feels like a real tooth, it can perform chewing activities under pressure from a force without supporting of other teeth.

An implant tooth includes three main parts to compose as natural tooth:

  • - Titanium threaded implant post: is made from a benign compound and can survive in long-tern mouth environment. It is place in the lower or upper jawbone under the gum line.
  • - Implant abutment: is also made from Titanium, porcelain or gold. It is a connected part between implant post and the porcelain crown. It shapes as a natural tooth that has been cut down to receive a porcelain crown.
  • - Porcelain crown: is an essential part to contribute the aesthetic to the smile, it usually is made from porcelain-fused-to-metal alloy (PFM), full-porcelain or all metal. It is allowed to restore on the implant post after placement of abutment and healing.
Why Should Choose Dental Implant?
There are many advantages and benefits from dental implant:
Natural and comfortable: Strong and stable, a dental implant restores a lost tooth so that it looks, feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth.
Durable and permanent: Dental implants are a long-term solution, they can last a lifetime when properly placed and cared for over time.
Appear and function like natural teeth: enjoy life without worrying about your teeth! No need to stay home or feel uncomfortable in public, embarrassed because your smile looks different, or worrying that missing teeth will limit your ability to join in the fun or that removable dentures or tooth-supported replacement teeth will loosen or fall out when you talk, eat or laugh. Teeth restored with dental implants are teeth that let you, not your teeth, lead your life.
No Cavities: can’t occur in an implant-restored crown, or replacement tooth; however, you will need to visit your dentist as scheduled and clean and care for it and your gums and mouth every day, the same as you would if it were a natural tooth
Enhance the chewing efficiency: eat your favorite foods! Taste and enjoy the foods you love without hesitation. You can bite naturally, eat virtually anything you want and, unlike removable dentures that can feel uncomfortable, you can experience the full taste of the food you eat with dental implants, too.
Improve the facial beauty: retain your natural face shape, and smile. A face without teeth can sag and appear sunken and sad. Dental implants allow you to maintain the natural shape of your face and smile.
Prevent bone loss: protect healthy bone, leaving empty spaces in your mouth after losing one or more teeth can lead to additional health issues, such as the loss and deterioration of some of your jawbone. When it is not being used to support a natural tooth, the jawbone deteriorates, losing its strength and firmness. Dental implants are the only dental restoration option that preserves and stimulates natural bone, actually helping to stimulate bone growth and prevent bone loss.

There is very little pain and discomfort involved in the implant treatment. The anesthesia can be given to the patients during the procedure. According to most patients, dental implants are less painful than tooth extraction.

Stories of people with missing teeth, what will they tell you about dental implants along with dental experiences at I-DENT Dental Implant Center in Ho Chi Minh City/ Saigon
Mrs. Lorraine Gibbeson

My treatment plan was extraction of 7 teeth, 11 crowns and 12 implants and anything else that needed to be done and Dr Tung only had 10 days to complete....a big job!

I only had 10 teeth on top and 8 teeth on bottom for Dr Tung to work with. The value was excellent compared with dentist prices in Australia and I found I-Dent to be one of the best valued in my search for a dentist overseas.
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Would I recommend I-Dent? I sure would, I would tell anyone who is looking to have dental work done that they should check out I-Dent before anyone else, they could save themselves time.... Dr Tung is the best dentist ever, I have always been scared of going to the dentist but after visiting I-Dent that fear has gone.Dr Tung was fantastic! It was an experience that I'm so glad I took at 64 years young! after months of researching dentist in Phuket, Philipines and Vietnam, I found I-Dent on and was very impressed.

My friend Kim and I wanted to get beautiful smiles and I believed that Dr Tung and his team could do that for us. After several emails we knew we were going to Vietnam...Dr Tung responded to our emails within hours of us sending them. He made it so easy for us, we were picked up at the airport by our guide Quyen, driven to I-Dent Clinic where we both had consultations with Dr Tung, we were than driven to our hotel that was pre booked by the clinic, Quyen than took us out to dinner and that was our first night! Were we impressed Yes we were very impressed! The treatment plans worked well for us as we only had 10 days in Vietnam and by the end we both had the most beautiful smiles, honestly we have not stopped smiling, we are both very happy with Dr Tung and his wonderful staff.

Everyday we were at the clinic we were treated with professionalism, friendliness and respect. You can't ask for more than that. Dr Tung even organised a day tour to the Mekong Delta for us including my husband Greg, who was there to support us. It was a great day! Vietnam is truly a beautiful place to visit and have your dental work done. We will be back and we will still be smiling?? I would highly recommend Dr Tung and I-Dent Clinic to anyone looking for dental work.

So all that's left to say is a big Thank You Dr Tung and your beautiful staff for giving me something beautiful SMILE!????"

Mrs. Kim Neubeck

I would like to say thank you to Dr Tung and his team, also to the beautiful Quyen for looking after myself and friend, Lorraine and her husband Greg during our time in Vietnam.

Our teeth look amazing, we cannot stop smiling, I highly recommend I-Dent Implant Centre for anyone wishing to have dentistry done outside Australia.

I had 24 crowns and 1 implant, plus clean and x Ray's taken.
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I had 24 crowns and 1 implant, plus clean and x Ray's taken. The cost was very affordable, unlike Australia. The treatment plan was completed in 10 days. During this time, Dr Tung arranged a trip to the Mekong Delta for Lorraine, her husband Greg and myself, which we enjoyed.

Dr Tung arranged our accommodation, transport from and to airport, his team are warm and friendly and made us feel very comfortable. It really was an experience, almost pain free!

Mr. Velko Radaic

I selected I-Dent Implant Centre because I felt comfortable when I was emailing and asking questions.

The dentist inspected my teeth and I decided to crown all my teeth, they also told me I should have two implants which I didn’t want to do.

After having my crowns fitted they looked so good I could see I should have.
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The dentist was so gentle and caring that one day later, I went back to the dental clinic and went ahead and had two implants put in which they suggested at the beginning.

I was SO SO glad I did.

When I decided to travel to Vietnam and to go ahead with my dental work they offered to pick me up at the airport and take me to the clinic, upon arriving at the clinic the staff and dentists were so warm and made me feel comfortable.

I would recommend I-Dent Implant Centre to anyone who needs dental work done. I would give them 5 stars.

Mrs. Lisa Campell

They are the house of practitioners who have premium industry leading products to choose from.

Hi my name is Lisa and I’m from Sydney and I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my journey with I-Dent Dental Implant Center.

Back home, over the years, I really started to hate my teeth.

It started with a general dislike, as the discolouration increased - eventually, it went from a light yellow and developed into something quite dark and I started to feel pain in my wisdom tooth and the stints of pain became longer and the time in between when I would feel quite serious became shorter

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Eventually, it was at the stage where I couldn’t really eat or think. I was famously snappy and short fused!

I really needed to change my teeth do something about it - not just from a wellbeing perspective - there was also the serious pain.

I knew then, that I needed to change the way I felt about myself.

I accepted that my teeth that would be the inaugural step change for my confidence, that I had to get something done about it and get that Hollywood Grill, right?

So, I started researching online.

I knew that I wanted to find a practice that was reputable, practitioners that would take time to understand their patient and worked with leading products and be committed to the success of the patient outcome. Read more

Mrs. Melissa

The amazing part was I left NO pain.

I came to Vietnam to get dental work. I was nervous at what to expect. The day of my appointment I was picked up from the hotel by a staff member from the clinic, she was very nice. The clinic was very clean, staff was all very friendly and helpful. I got 5 crowns, 1 dental implant, and 3 root canals. In New Zealand, it would have cost me over $15,000 and I only paid under $4000 for the work.

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Everything was explained to me, I was able to choose what type of crowns I wanted within my budget. The amazing part was I felt NO pain!

The clinic was very clean, helpful staff, great value for money and I will be coming back next year to do more work. Thank you, for a wonderful experience.

Total Amount Paid NZ$3,500

How it works?
  • An implant is placed into your jaw.
  • The implant looks like a screw and acts like a tooth root.
  • With sedation, the process is pain-free.
  • The implant fuses with your jawbone.
  • This holds the implant firmly in place.
  • Integration takes about 6 months.
  • An abutment is attached to the implant.
  • A crown is attached to the abutment.
  • The crown will perfectly match your natural teeth.
  • You’ll be ready to use your implant as you would any other tooth.
What common questions for dental implant?

1. What Are Types of Dental Implants?

The doctor will recommend and customize the most appropriate procedure for you, based on your dental condition and your needs.

Conventional Implants

This procedure most suitable for patients with a single or multiple missing teeth. On the day of the surgery where the implant(s) is inserted, temporary crown(s) will also be fabricated and attached. Once the implant has integrated with your jaw bone, new permanent teeth (dental crowns) will be fitted.

All-On-4 or All-On-6 Implant Procedures

his procedures enable those who are missing a full jaw of teeth (fully edentulous) to have their teeth replaced on the same day, using only 4 or 6 implants to support the full set of prosthesis or full jaw dental implants (fixed bridge permanent teeth). This is also suitable for individuals with less bone on their upper jaw, as the dental implants are placed at an angled position to optimize the available space on the upper jaw, increasing bone-to-implant contact and reducing the need for bone grafting

2. Do Implant Procedures Hurt? What Is The Downtime For The Procedure?

Implant procedures are painless. Under local anaesthesia and occasionally in combination with a mild general anaesthetic (called sedation), the procedures are carried out pain-free. In combination with adhering to the medicine prescribed post-treatment, recovery should be painless as well.

Downtime is minimal. Most of our patients can get back to normal daily activities on the same day. Some may choose to take it easy for a day or two – it is a matter of personal choice.

3. When Is Bone Augmentation or Bone Reconstruction Surgery Required? What Is The Downtime For The Procedure?

Bone reconstruction helps in the placement of dental implants and replaces missing gums. Bone graft surgeries are commonly done to improve the oral tissue to support replacement teeth.

  • For a bigger bone graft, they may be harvested from the artificial block bone.
  • For smaller bone grafts, sterile materials from a vial will be sufficient.
  • For larger bone graft procedures, a few days of rest may be needed.
  • For smaller procedures, the rest time could be minimal.

4. What Should I Do After My Dental Implant Surgery in Vietnam?

Bite onto the gauze placed over the surgical site for 1hour. If you do taste any blood, it is normal. Do not spit it out, rinse your mouth or brush your teeth for 24 hours. Rinsing your mouth and spitting out may dislodge the blood clot and bleeding may start again. It is harmless to swallow any blood you may taste. The surgical site usually stays numb for approximately 2 hours. Hot food and drinks should not be consumed until the numbness wears off. After that, eat over the other side of your mouth that has not been treated. It is crucial to take all the medication as prescribed and keep to your follow-up appointment.

5. How Should I Care For My Temporary Teeth?

Temporary teeth, whether they are dental bridges or crowns are not meant to be permanent. They also serve as a blueprint for the development of the final teeth, allowing adjustments to be made until the shape is correct. Here are several precautions to take note when you have temporary teeth:

  • Avoid sticky, chewy foods (for example, chewing gum, toffee, etc.), which could dislodge the bridges.
  • Minimize use of the side of your mouth with the temporary teeth. Try to chew more on the other side of your mouth.
  • Avoid chewing hard foods (such as nuts, raw vegetables, apples, etc.), which could dislodge and/or break the temporary teeth.

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7. The Cost of an implant tooth in Vietnam

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