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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision 
Our Mission 
To provide a positive experience to our patients in order to the fear will never come and not be the reason why patients do not visit the dentist again. 
To deliver dental recovery solutions combined with professional care to solve dental issues. 
To bring peace of mind for patients about their treatment because of expertise matters. 
To enhance the quality of clinical care through thought leadership and continuing education. 
To collaborate and share out clinical expertise with dental colleagues in Ho Chi Minh city and regionally in dental seminars or events.
To mentor young dentists in I-DENT dental center in particular and in Ho Chi Minh city generally. 
To share knowledge on dental problems and treatment solutions that patients can make decision sooner regarding their dental health. 
To attract the public through social media, dental workshops, media interviews and other means to spread the message of prevention oral diseases as well as rehabilitation beautiful smile to society at large. 
To co-operate with the leading dental care firms, the well-known implant brands over the world and insurance companies to provide relevant information to the public about dental health care methods.  

Our Logo

The shape of I-DENT Dental Implant Center logo symbolizes the implant which rehabilitates your beautiful smile combined with curves to create a circle representing the earth filled with happy smiles. 
 “I-DENT” is the abbreviation of the phrase “Implant Dental”. It indicates our dental expertise concurrently is the modernist dental method which is applied at our dental center to overcome the aesthetic defects for your teeth perfectly. 
Logo color is the combination of three colors, red denotes passion and enthusiasm while green is healthy, natural and abundant along with blue represent professionalism, confident and youthful. These colors reflected our burning passion with the desire to devote our experiences as well as expertise knowledge to bring happiness to everyone through flawless smiles. 


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