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Our Warranty Policy

We are committed to your dental treatment quality. 
We always put the benefits and purpose of the patients to the forefront so we have set a written warranty policy. We do it because we believe that you will make decision to select a reputable dental center and have warranty of treatment quality concurrently we want you to see that our treatment is valuable and totally worthy of your investment. 

1. High-quality implant system warranty policy  

  • Applying for 20 years warranty for MIS C1 Germany Implant and Straumann Implant. 
  • Applying for 15 years warranty for USA Implant. 
  • Applying for 10 years warranty for Korean Implant. 

Our responsibility & obligation 
We will solve and/or replace any incidents with your implants all free when give that:

  • There are errors of the implant itself.
  • Issues throughout the process of implant and prostheses on implant. 

Free free pick up will be supported during the warranty procedures and NOT including Airfare. 

Conditions to be applied high-quality implant system warranty policy at I-DENT Dental Implant Center
The patients MUST comply with the guidelines on implant teeth care to be eligible for our warranty policy. 

The warranty period will be shortened or canceled in some cases includes:

  • Bone grafting or sinus lift within the same time with the implant surgery. 
  • Some of common diseases today have a detrimental impact on chewing agency such as: diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis and diseases related to the immune syndrome. 
  • Smoking too much or abusing drugs.
  • Poor oral hygiene and infection affects bone loss around the implant. 
  • Do not oral care at home under the guidance of the doctor. 
  • Do not perform periodic re-examination every 6 months. 
  • Do not wear protective tray when gritted teeth. 

2. High-ranking cosmetic ceramic crown

  • Applying 10 years warranty for Zirconia crown (Full ceramic crown).
  • Applying 7 years warranty for Emax crown (non-metal metal ceramic crown).
  • Applying 5 years warranty for Titanium crown (senior metal ceramic crown).

Conditions to be applied high-ranking cosmetic ceramic crown at I-DENT Dental Implant Center
Should do  

  • Re-check, care and clean at our dental center every 6 months during the warranty period. 
  • implement oral care at home according to the instructions of the doctor. 
  • Wear protective tray if teeth grinding at night. 

Shouldn’t do 

  • Do not gnashing of teeth.
  • Do not eat or chew the food too hard or too hot.
  • Limit foods that is too sticky (crown are made from ceramic that will continuously shrink and swell when exposed to cold and hot foods, this can cause ceramic layer broken easily). 

The warranty period will be shortened or canceled in some cases includes:

  • Oral diseases caused by poor post-procedure oral hygiene (gingivitis or infection around the roots). 
  • Damage caused by high stress (gnashing of teeth at night, grip of the teeth).
  • The patients do not comply with the procedures for dental care at home under the guidance of the dentist. 
  • The patients do not re-examine for dental checking and cleaning. 

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