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15 bad habits affect the teeth you may not know

Did you know that unconscious habits, such as chewing on the tip of your pen, can also affect your teeth and cause your teeth to weaken?

To have good teeth is considered as a simple thing, but actually more difficult than we think. Daily actions that you think are harmless may be the reason for the weakening of your teeth. What are the causes?

Chewing ice

You can assume that this habit is harmless but chewing on hard, cold objects can damage or even cause your teeth to break. In addition, if you accidentally hurt the soft tissue inside the teeth when chewing the rock will not be able to avoid the consequences of tooth decay. Hot and cold foods cause prolonged numbness.

Feed your baby before bed

You should protect your baby's teeth as soon as possible. Feeding your baby with a bottle before going to bed can damage the enamel. In addition, children will have the habit of sleeping only when there is a nipple in the mouth. So after giving the baby milk, give him a few teaspoons of water to clean his mouth.




All types of refined sugar weaken the enamel, but some types of sweets also bring more trouble for you. Plastic mousse is able to stick to the surface of the tooth and keep the sugar from drifting away and increase the acidity of the enamel.


Grinding action comes from stressful moods or sleeping habits and will make your teeth weaker over time. But this habit is very difficult to control. As a precaution, you can wear plastic to protect your teeth when you go to bed.

Lollipop cough


Most cough drops contain a lot of sugar as well as the ability to damage enamel, creating plaque and hence causing tooth decay if you abuse too much at night without drinking water to clean teeth after that.

Piercing tongue

Piercing the tongue can make you look fashionable and full of personality but your teeth or gums are hurt when hit hard. Mouth is also where the bacteria hide. So if you do, you will inadvertently increase the risk of infection and ulcers, more serious bleeding. Come to prestigious places with fully equipped sanitized equipment if you are intending to pierce.

Soft drink

Each can of fresh water can contain up to 11 teaspoons of sugar as well as many other types of abrasive acids such as phosphoric acid and citric acid. Some sweet drinks are sugar free but you should not be subjective because other chemicals are still pretty much.

Use openings for objects

Opening bottles or candies makes you feel comfortable, but this is a habit that many experts fear. Using too many other teeth except for chewing will cause the roots to weaken, leading to cracking or breaking.

Sports drinks

Nothing is better than rewarding cold drinks to make up for a hard workout. As with fresh water or candy, sports drinks contain a lot of sugar and acid that adversely affect tooth enamel. You may get decay if you drink too often. Suggest that you always fill up the body at the gym with chewing gum and choosing non-calorie drinks.

Fruit juice

Juice is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants, but most types of water come with lots of sugar. Natural fruits are sweet, so if you squeeze water, do not add too much condensed milk or sugar. For canned juices, add ice and dilute with water before use.

French fries

Undeniably, potato chips are the favorite snacks of many, especially children. However, do you know that when eaten, bacteria in the plaque will also decompose food into acids and attack the tooth enamel in a short time. Even if leftover food gets trapped between the teeth or if you regularly sip this food, the risk of tooth decay increases. After eating potato chips or other high-starch foods, clean your teeth thoroughly with a toothbrush and brush to remove any remaining residue.

Continuous snacking

In saliva contains ingredients that have antibacterial effect, preventing oral cavity infection. Eating redundant food will be saliva swept away, help the oral cavity airy, clean and prevent bacteria in the drive. Studies have shown that snacking does not cause the mouth to produce much saliva at meals, nor can it clean the plaque. Avoid frequent snacks or low-carbohydrate foods.

Bite the tip of the pen

Have you ever bitten a pencil or pen when you are concentrating on work or study? As with chewing stones, this habit will cause your teeth to wear down, even break. Try switching to sugarless gum if you want to chew on something. This action will stimulate saliva activity, make teeth healthier and protect the oral cavity as well as against acid corrosive enamel.

Drinking coffee

The color and acid present in coffee can cause yellowing of your teeth if you regularly drink it for a long time. Fortunately, this problem can be treated with by bleaching methods. Come to the dentist if you are dissatisfied with the color of your teeth. A trick for you to drink coffee is to use a straw instead of a direct contact with the glass.


Like coffee, cigarettes will cause stained teeth as well as gingivitis. In addition, cigarettes can cause cancer of the throat, lips and tongue. Smoking is very harmful to people around you, especially pregnant women.

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