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4 dental diseases from the teeth that come out, never look at

Diseases caused by tartar make the teeth, the organization nourishes the tooth is hurt. With no difficulty in eating, these oral diseases also make the risk of tooth loss increase.

Diseases caused by tartar and its effects

Teeth, the plaque of the mineral complexes in the oral cavity, soft sludge, epithelial cell carcinoma, carbonate, .. Not only cause aesthetic loss, yellowing teeth, tartar also make you suffer from a number of other incurable dental diseases.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is a common oral disease in the world today. Once the crowns build up on the surface of the teeth, it is not difficult for the bacteria in the plaque to penetrate and cause deep holes in the teeth.

Inflammatory gums

This disease occurs when the plaque, tartar on the surface of the teeth, close to the root cause the gum, causing the gums to swell and inflammation. This disease if treated from the very beginning is very easy to avoid. However, we often ignore the initial signs of inflammation, until the disease progresses worse, the more difficult to treat thoroughly.

periodontitis (inflammation around the root of the teeth)

The irritation of gum tissue and teeth due to tartar, plaque contains too many bacteria. Severe pain around the root causes obstruction of the diet, causing pain in the temporal area.

Bad breath

When too much tartar appears, it is hard to get rid of bad breath that many people have suffered because of it. Food crusts, bacteria are always rising, teeth are thickening, and your mouth is always smelling good even though you have tried many different ways to relieve this condition.

Losing part of the enamel, the entire body and the root of the tooth is not difficult to happen once your teeth fall into an inflammatory state. The rate of inflammation is very fast, the tooth enamel for a long time creating opportunities for bacteria to penetrate inside the periodontal organization and destroy the life of the tooth.

Tingling, gum inflammation producing bad breath also makes you lose your formidable confidence.

How to prevent and treat diseases of tartar?

The disease from tartar we will solve by taking the tartar. In cases of tooth inflammation, after removal of teeth, removal of the risk, teeth, gums will lead to recovery, inflammation increasingly noticeable improvement.

One technology that is currently taking care of tartar is the removal of tartar by ultrasound. The process of taking tartar instead of the action of teeth whitening equipment will damage the gum tissue while it is inflamed. Ultrasound helps to separate, cut off the alignment of the tartar, and the doctor removes the tartar gently. As a result, the gums and teeth avoid unnecessary damage and recovery.

Note: the efficacy of the treatment can vary depending on each patient’s condition.

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