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Can sparse teeth be filled?

Sparse teeth cause a lack of beauty, making people lack confidence in communication. Knowing that state of affairs, developmental science has many methods in it, dental fillings are considered the best method.

What is aesthetic dental filling?

Dental fillings are the technique of using artificial materials to attach to the crown to correct some of the defects in the dental form or related to dental tissue damage.

In particular, dental fillings are techniques of using aesthetic materials, similar to the color of teeth to increase the horizontal size for the crown to cover the gap teeth.


The cost of an implant tooth in Vietnam


Can spare teeth be filled?

You can rest assured, the sparse teeth can be completely overcome by filling the teeth. This method is simple, time-consuming and low cost.

With sparse teeth, the spacing between the teeth is not too large, the filling material can compensate and bond firmly with the real tooth tissue, which helps restore both aesthetic and durable effect. The fillings will be placed on the restoration site, made by aesthetic dentists and hardened on the teeth. After filling, the gap between the teeth completely disappear, the teeth are the same color, the material can withstand the force of chewing.

The sealant is capable of sticking on the teeth under the action of photosensitive polymerization or laser illumination.

Currently, aesthetic filling method is commonly used as fillings made of composite material or Amalgam material.

Composite method is quite a lot of people choose by high aesthetics, color is almost 100% match with your real teeth. In addition, this sealant is not harmful to teeth, great strength and wear resistance.

However, not real teeth, composite sealant can last 2-3 years. Then it will turn yellow, darker, maybe even black. Composite shrinkage should be soaked and so too much water can be broken loose. Can sputum be filled and filled in?

Amalgam does not have aesthetic qualities like Composite fillings, but this is the hardest and most durable material to fill. In addition, the process of placing restorations on this material is easy with a low cost.

The price is cheap, but this material has a big disadvantage: the color of lead is not the same as the color of the real teeth should look very aesthetic, so only can fill in the teeth, the first appearance is not clear. okay. In addition, when filling with Amalgam, dentists are required to grind their teeth more than filled with Composite.

Should I fill spare teeth? It should be noted that the method of filling fillings can only be used in a short time, you have to re-solder to ensure the chewing function. After a period of saliva and food color is so easily discolored, foul smell or strong bite will be more likely to be bursting material.

If the gap between the teeth is too far apart then the answer to the crown is not because the filling material is easy to flush when you eat chewing. When there is a large gap, you should make a porcelain or ceramic cover to ensure the chewing function. These techniques require the removal of real dental tissue to cover porcelain prostheses upward so it costs more, the procedure is more complicated but the ability to regenerate aesthetics, function and longevity better.

As your sharing, we are not clear about your teeth or more. Therefore, you should rely on our advice above to make the best choice for your teeth. Do not worry too much about time because the most important thing is that your teeth are as beautiful as desired.

However, if you use the welding method, you need to take care of your teeth every day, properly. Also, avoid eating too much hot or cold food.

If you have any concerns about "canopy fillings", you should go directly to a reputable Clinic or Dentistry.

Note: the efficacy of the treatment can vary depending on each patient’s condition.

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