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Dental implants - tooth loss durable recovery


Dental implants are indicated for all cases of tooth loss that require restoration of youthful teeth, with functional and aesthetic close to true teeth, loss of one or more teeth that can be implanted with implants. Specific:

Losing one tooth

Loss of adjacent teeth

Loss of non-adjacent teeth

Tooth loss

Loss of both teeth

With special operation and integration features, Implant technology is used for cases where many teeth are lost and can therefore be combined with porcelain bridges and fewer implants. Loss of teeth and quality restoration.




Thanks to these superior properties, it is possible to overcome the limitations of conventional dental implants that is a dental implant technology recommended by the American Dental Association.

Rapid bone healing - non-invasive

Dental implant with root canal implantation technique by implanting directly into the jawbone without the need for gingival or invasive pain in the patient during and after treatment support to help the healing process take place. more quickly. The implant is made of high quality titanium material that does not irritate the gums, tissues and the ability to integrate with the jaw rapidly.

Durable - Nearly real food sensor

Implant technology with accurate titanium cylinder, no occurrence of material elimination and the ability to integrate extremely high bone. Post-implanted titanium implants are fixed by the jaw bone that grows around them, so they are stable and durable.

Save time assisting treatment

The dental implant technology is able to shorten the implant time to a maximum of only 15 '/ 1 implant and a supportive period of about 3 to 4 weeks. The porcelain body made at Labo on the day helps reduce the number of re-examination visits to patients during treatment support.

Dental implants have a long life expectancy

Titanium as office and full ceramic crowns ensure sustainability of dental implants dental implant technology. Unlike conventional dental implants, which last for only 5-10 years, implants that are not only natural to the teeth but are solid and become part of the dental implant with body.


4 steps in dental implants implant procedures are performed by the doctor in accordance with the standard, optimal in operation but still ensure the safety criteria of health, minimize encroachment, shorten the patient time must be in a chair.

  1. Examination and counseling

- General examination of the oral cavity, dental condition, gums and health of the patient. If the disease is diagnosed, it should be supported before the implants.

- X-ray examination of bone density, bone thickness.

- Accurately calculates the length, size, diameter and number of threads for the implant cylinder compatible with the structure of the jaw bone.

  1. Cleaning the oral cavity and local anesthesia

- Cleaning the oral cavity, ensuring the cylinder is implanted into a clean "environment" bacteria.

- Anesthesia works for about 30s-1 'before treatment: good quality anesthetics, can be sprayed quickly, no emotion and no side effects after the drug.

  1. Implant sugery and temporary teeth

The Implant head is directly attached to the jawbone thanks to a special blade drill that does not need to be sagged. The rapid implant takes only 15-20 minutes per implant.

Immediately after implantation, the doctor immediately proceeded to extend the root and take samples of dental porcelain to dental Labo. At the same time, implant a denture while waiting for the implant steadily in the bone and make dental porcelain finish.

  1. Ceramic teeth installation

After implant placement about 3 weeks - 1 month, dental porcelain will be fixed to the roots and complete dental implant planting techniques. Then schedule a follow-up visit for the patient to check again.

Note: the efficacy of the treatment can vary depending on each patient’s condition.

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