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Immediately Dental Implant after Tooth Extraction

Implant implants are highly appreciated by this prosthesis which helps to bring comfort to patients when they eat chewing food that is as beautiful as natural teeth. However, you must wait 1-6 months to complete the course of treatment. This makes it difficult for busy customers. Instant implant implants after tooth extraction are the solution for those who do not have much time.
Immediately Dental Implant after Tooth Extraction


Immediately Dental Implant after Tooth Extraction

To overcome this problem, you can choose the implant solution immediately after extraction. After the extraction of the bone, the bone is nearly preserved intact, bone defect has not occurred so fully qualified for implants implant. Only the doctor who correctly removes the tooth, does not hurt the alveolar bone, you can rest assured that implant can be implanted right afterwards.
This technique helps to limit the ability of bone loss, saving considerable time as well as costs for patients.
Instant dental implant procedure after extraction
The dentist performs the proper treatment procedures prescribed by the Ministry of Health for the safety and effectiveness of implants as follows:

Step 1: Examination and counseling

- First, the doctor will conduct a general medical examination of the dental health status of the patient.
- X-ray film accurately identifies the position of the tooth extract, assess how difficult the position of the need to perform.
- Based on the result of the examination, the doctor will specify the implant method immediately after the tooth extraction for the patient.
- The doctor will communicate clearly, specifically to the patient issues related to this method.
Pre-operative patients need good control of their general health, thoroughly treat dental diseases: tooth decay, periodontitis, gingivitis (if any).

Step 2: Perform oral hygiene, anesthesia

- Toothbrushes tartar, oral cavity hygiene helps the mouth is clean, no encroachment of bacteria during surgery.
- Anesthesia helps reduce the pain for patients and doctors easier to perform surgery.

Step 3: Tooth extraction, artificial bone graft

- At first, teeth will be loose and loose with specialized dental instruments. After that, the doctor removes the extracted pliers from the jaw bone. This doctor should pay attention to perform lightly, avoid cracking or fracture of the tooth.
- After the extraction of the tooth, depending on whether the doctor will decide to insert more bone under the tooth or not.

Step 4: Place the implant

Depending on the specific case, the doctor will decide whether to place the implant immediately after tooth extraction:
    - For 4 maxillary teeth (on each side 2 teeth), you have to extract teeth before 3 months and then doctors can implant for you. Because these teeth have three legs, so after the extraction of teeth must wait for bone regeneration and then implant implants in these positions. Big teeth if the teeth are too big, or have multiple legs (3 legs instead of two legs), the same. However, for cases of wisdom tooth extraction, your doctor will not recommend implant placement here.
    - In most cases, the doctor can remove the implant and insert it in a surgery for the patient.
Note: the efficacy of the treatment can vary depending on each patient’s condition.
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