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Oral bleeding - A sign of an alarming state of dental health

Root canal bleeding may mean that you have gingivitis or periodontitis, dental conditions that can make your teeth weaken, and the risk of tooth decay and falls rising with care. Oral health is not properly treated daily.

Does root canal bleeding be dangerous?

Frequent bleeding or bleeding from the tooth and not worry about the cause of the cause. Previously, she has also encountered this situation but the frequency is not much so she skipped until she did not expect it to happen now and seems heavier. Share this concern with us while this situation is ongoing and look forward to finding the right answer.

According to the study of dentistry in the world, the nature of tooth root bleeding is due to plaque build up on teeth, spreading in the gums, causing inflammation of the gums to bleed easily. More on oral hygiene or slight impact on the teeth.

Gingival bleeding is a risk factor for gum disease or periodontitis. It has a direct impact on the firmness of the teeth and the ability to eat in the long run.

Gingivitis, periodontitis causes tooth root bleeding

Gingivitis is the first stage of periodontitis. The progression of the disease increases if not treated well at the beginning leading to periodontitis. The stages of disease development can be divided as follows:


Caused by the agent is plaque around the teeth, while brushing the brush and flossing improperly. The lack of cleansing (food scum) and minerals in the oral cavity contribute to the formation of tartar.

Once the gums have been inflamed, the damage will cause the roots or bleeding. You may notice that after brush your teeth, there are blood spots on the brush. This stage is not too dangerous and can be treated completely.




Periodontal inflammation is the ligaments around the teeth that attach the teeth to the damaged gum and cannot be restored to the original state. The condition of bleeding teeth instead of a more serious phenomenon is that pus-filled bags are formed in the gingival margin, where deposits of plaque and food accumulate.

In order to prevent more severe effects during this period, proper dental care and proper home care practices are needed, combining regular dental checkups and visits.

Periodontal disease progresses

The last and irreversible stage of periodontitis, ligaments and tooth decay is causing the tooth to shuffle, move or rise. Chewing ability is impaired and it may be necessary to interrupt tooth decay if other methods of treatment cannot be used.

Do not let subject matter cause you to suffer

With the information above about how bleeding teeth are and the stages of gum disease and periodontal disease, it is best to check your oral health for timely intervention. Do not let the disease go out of control, it cannot be treated completely.

When you have a dental checkup, your doctor will remove the main cause of gum disease - dental stains on the teeth, and treatment to prevent the infection. To get good results with gingivitis, there should be a period of treatment and follow the doctor's instructions.

Note: the efficacy of the treatment can vary depending on each patient’s condition.

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