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Questions related to dental porcelain veneers

  1. Full porcelain veneer is easy to crack, crack & break?

The strength of Veneer porcelain with genuine teeth and full porcelain teeth

So when under the impact of a very large force such as fall, bite hard fruit ... Veneer porcelain can be subtle.

  1. Full porcelain veneer is easy to fall out

With the breakthrough in modern dentistry, the problem of dropping, porcelain teeth as well as porcelain veneer is no longer a concern.

However, you should make up your mind not to tear the food too hard or too long in the mouth. Because with a normal tooth cannot withstand too big forces. Because that function is for your inner teeth.



  1. Porcelain Veneer does not treat marrow?

Complete Veneer Surgeon, the doctor only proceeds to grind a very small layer of enamel outside, and a small layer at the edge of your bite. From 0.3mm to 1mm, so completely not affect the pulp deep inside.

  1. Veneer porcelain full of pain?

During the whole course of Veneer grinding, the doctor will use the anesthetic in the grinding area so you do not have any pain.

You can relax completely during the grinding process.

  1. Aesthetics of Porcelain Veneer: Colors, Shapes, Natural.

Choosing the right type to create a perfect porcelain veneer perfect commitment of the doctors at Smile Care.

With the latest updates from the world's leading dentists, the porcelain veneer has natural shapes and colors like real teeth.

To get the best results, your doctor will have to look at your skin, lip color, gums, and even your face.

Choosing a good dentist, technician with high aesthetic knowledge is also a problem that the team of cosmetic dentists and dentists have carefully considered.

Even the choice of a suitable binder, the color of the binder, has a great influence on the final result of the full ceramic porcelain restoration.

  1. Advantages of Porcelain Veneer:

- Porcelain Veneer requires quite a few teeth, so the doctor can preserve the maxillary and dental pulp (Veneer cases do not need to treat the pulp).

The level of sensitivity of the teeth after grinding is also much less than when taking porcelain teeth.

- Because of preserving the inside of the real teeth, the gas makes the porcelain veneer, your chewing feeling almost unchanged and different from the original.

- Rapid execution time.

  1. The porcelain teeth do not change color over time, so Veneer porcelain thin so it will change color over time?

Like porcelain teeth, porcelain veneers are NOT AFFECTED by colored food and drinks.

Veneer is the color of the real teeth in the technician made Veneer not good.

  1. Attention when making porcelain veneer?

You brush and floss as usual. Do not worry too much about brushing and flossing will damage Veneer.

If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, talk to your doctor right after the porcelain veneer, and your doctor will give you an anti-grinding trough to protect your new teeth.

  1. Disadvantages:

In cases where the teeth are tilted or tilted too much, and want to adjust to have a regular tooth, customers should switch to the solution for the whole porcelain and the treatment of some deviated teeth. will try to preserve the maximum of your real teeth.)

Higher costs than porcelain because the technical requirements must be thorough and high accuracy.

Note: the efficacy of the treatment can vary depending on each patient’s condition.

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