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You wonder how to take care of teeth to have a strong teeth?

Everybody wants to have beautiful teeth, bright white smile, breathable teeth a strong teeth. The orthodontic or dental implants are undesirable

Here are the tips for you when you want to have a beautiful, bright white teeth.

Should brush your teeth immediately after meals?

Many studies have found that brushing after meals is not scientific. For reasons, acidic foods such as grapes, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, or food microbes soften the outer layer of the teeth. If you brush your teeth immediately after eating will not good for teeth. For eating candy, sweets need to brush immediately.

Regular brushing makes teeth strong

This does not just benefit the teeth but also destroy the gums. Gingivitis is one of the causes of increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The plaque from the leftover food, causing inflammation, is very harmful to the walls of blood vessels.

If you brush your teeth immediately after eating will not good for teeth. For eating candy, sweets need to brush immediately.

To brush teeth, to brush teeth lose the smell of breath?

This can lead to the loss of plaque that surrounds the teeth and bacteria that cause tooth decay, which makes the breath odorless. However, bad breath is associated with many other problems such as diseases of the nose, throat, lungs, stomach.

Dandruff is due to poor dental health?

The color of the teeth is less related to the health and longevity of the teeth. This is a factor related to genetics like hair color, eye color. To whiten teeth, some people use tooth whitening products. However, this must be directed by a dental specialist.

Why bleeding when brushing?



The first time you brush your teeth or brush your teeth incorrectly, or a new toothbrush that is too hard can cause bleeding. If the brush is too hard or brushing your teeth incorrectly you will have to adjust accordingly. If not for the reasons above but bleeding lasts you should see a dentist.

Cold objects when the toothache is beneficial or harmful?

Some people who suffer from toothache have the habit of taking cold objects such as ice to relieve pain, but to do so the face is swollen. It is best to have a toothache when you have a swollen blood vessel that will increase inflammation.

Drink fruit juice, soft drinks containing gas affect the teeth?

These carbonated beverages containing sugar will corrode the teeth, especially the acid in the juice will disable enamel, helps the bacteria do drive, especially when abuse drinks have too much sugar and drink time before bed.

Eating a little chocolate is beneficial for your teeth?

Sometimes eating a little chocolate works well for teeth because in chocolate contains a compound that protects the teeth. However, eating too much chocolate without good dental hygiene will harm teeth because this is the food containing sugar.

Overuse of sweets will cause wear and tear.

Toothpaste does not mean to kill the bacteria

After brushing, there are remaining food particles that stick to the edge of the tooth that the brush does not come in contact with. Therefore, after brushing teeth should mouthwash with salt water, or mouthwashes are sold on the market to remove bacteria that harm teeth gums.

Good dental hygiene is so good

The teeth are good, partly due to genetic factors, but most people with good gums are due to regular oral hygiene and most people who suffer from broken teeth are eating too much sugar, especially when they are small. year old. Therefore, children with good oral hygiene, when grown teeth will grow well, less disease of the teeth.

Note: the efficacy of the treatment can vary depending on each patient’s condition.

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