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Dental assistance and utilization information you need to know

Removable dentures are the oldest dental implant solution applied to the present time. This method is often used to restore the appearance of large numbers of teeth and to elderly people. Removable teeth are also different and depending on the condition of the teeth as well as specific needs that the dentist will give appropriate indications.

Classification of dentures

Satisfactory testing on quantity and positive position

Dentures classified by number and position of missing teeth are divided into two types: partial and total function.

- Complete denture: covering the whole jaw, above or below. Full denture implant directly on the gums covering the jawbone. Sometimes one or more real teeth are retained when dentures, especially the sixth tooth, play an important role in chewing. These teeth usually have to be treated with a canal and cut short so that the denture can be covered on.

Partial prosthesis: Partial denture consists of a metal frame with a tooth and a prosthetic area attached to it. Metal frames have hooks or other attachments that help keep the denture in place. However, the removable half-section is removable for easy cleaning.

The porcelain extractor is very durable because the porcelain teeth are formed from porcelain causes, is heated at 1600 degrees Celsius. With this firmness, the denture with removable denture has a very high level of force. , higher than the strength of the real teeth. Thanks to that, the porcelain removable jaw support for chewing is very good, compared to the plastic tooth removal.

The porcelain of the porcelain is highly homogeneous and resistant to abrasion, so it is difficult to wear and distort under the impact of chewing and other effects, so that the porcelain remover is durable and does not irritate the gums. Much like the plastic removable jaw.

Thus, if you choose the porcelain disassembly for your doctor will maintain the effect of restoration for a long time. The chewing function is well guaranteed after years of use. You can even eat hard foods that feel like real teeth.



Make a difference based on technical characteristics

Based on the location and specification, dentures are divided into two categories: fixed dentures and removable dentures. Basically, the fixed or denture function can be either partial or total.

- Removable denture: removable for easy cleaning, understood as a tool to replace the real teeth inserted in the jaw. Disassembly is usually used in cases when the gums are too weak, the bone is not enough and health is not guaranteed to implant implants.

Fixed denture implant: Applicable in cases where the gums and teeth are in place for implant placement. The denture base will support the entire denture without the need for joints or metal frames. The denture is fixed and fixed on the jaw instead of the real teeth.

Case replacement length

Most restorative or fixed prostheses are required by patients and clients to match their age and cost. Sometimes these methods can also be determined by the dentist based on the specific condition of the client.

Loss of teeth (3 or more teeth) or loss of teeth

+ Specified combination with implant placement in case of gum-bone eligibility.

I-dent choose for restoration

Removal of the teeth by means of a removable denture is a classic, economical dental treatment and is usually chosen by a specific group of dentists. Fixed jaw is an improvement of the removable function combined with porcelain teeth and implant implants. Both methods offer the key advantages of denture service:

◆ Cost savings

Dental implants only depends on the tooth material selected. For example, the removable function can be made of plastic material suitable for dentistry, so it can save maximum cost for customers.

◆ Esthetic value as desired

Under the conditions of prosthetic denture repair and material selection is good plastic or porcelain aesthetic removable and fixation can achieve the aesthetic equivalent to the full teeth porcelain crown, for teeth Natural as expected.

♦ Have good chewing ability

With good material, strong resistance and restoration by skilled doctors, dentures can completely ensure good chewing function. Especially for fixed jaws from porcelain bridges and implant cylinders.

Note: the efficacy of the treatment can vary depending on each patient’s condition.

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