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Gingivitis, also known as gingivitis, is a fairly common disease that affects more than one person at any age
The idea of making dental tourism packages in I-DENT Dental center only starts in recent times but the trust and support
There are two methods for re-growing the permanent teeth and be the most popular today
Bearing implant, the quartet also called immediate bearing on the implant means the bearing of an implant
ost patients who have been orthodontic implants with implant implants are questioned about dental implant care
Over the past few years, dental implant was well-known for its cutting-edge of implant therapy techniques and benefits in dentistry
In 1952, dental implant operation was carried out successfully in Sweden. From there, a new chapter was opened
Implant implants are highly appreciated by this prosthesis which helps to bring comfort to patients when they eat chewing food that is as beautiful as natural teeth
According to the study, the rate of tooth loss is proportional to the age, doing oral hygiene is not good
For some reasons you have a tooth loss, then your set of teeth is not the same as it used to be
In order not to misunderstand what an implant is, firstly you should take a look at a natural tooth
Implant implants are a process with the efforts of both physicians and patients. When the implant transplant is complete, the patient has excellent prosthetics