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Vietnam is one of the most populous countries in the world with more than 90% of the population
Losing a tooth makes you afraid to affect your chewing process. A simple solution, bring aesthetics but still ensure the ability
The loss of teeth not only affects the health of the mouth, but also changes the face of your face in the negative
Did you know that unconscious habits, such as chewing on the tip of your pen, can also affect your teeth and cause your teeth to weaken
Although the advantages are quite outstanding compared to the ordinary metal teeth, but Titan teeth still have the nature of the metal tooth
Porcelain crowns restoration at I-DENT is considered a perfect method to overcome the defects of teeth quickly
Endothelial enamel is a disease that occurs quite commonly at all ages
For those who are going to be a mother and having children under the age of 1
Causes of root canalis are mainly caused by bacteria, which will invade and grow on the plaque when food debris is not cleaned
With the application of advanced technology, modern technology, I-DENT Dentistry is a reliable address customer service options tooth extraction painless
As we age, many of us often find that our teeth are not as intact and as good as before
Nobel Biocare Implant is the first implant in the world, invented by Swedish professor Per-Ingvar Branemark