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Parodontal abscess is an occasional complication arising in periodontal diseases
ental implants are indicated for all cases of tooth loss that require restoration of youthful teeth
Bone value is particularly important in dental implants, which are reflected in the external
Sensitive teeth are when the feeling of discomfort, the sensitivity of one or more teeth, occurs by hot
Inflammation of the dental pulp may be produced when it is invaded by organisms through a deep carious lesion
Tooth enamel is the outer part of the tooth, which wears out over time, or is injured, should be protected well
Gingivitis is one of the most common diseases. However, many people do not know what gum disease is and how to recognize and overcome
The criteria for selecting the best and most suitable implants will help to improve the prosthetic performance
Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in today's society
To be have dental implants, not everyone is guaranteed the right fit for transplant
Osteoporosis patients are eligible for dental implants are a problem that many patients want to know
Why are elderly people lose their teeth? What causes and solutions can prevent